Three Fall Activities You Must Do in Redwater

Whether you are in Redwater to see some old friends or to go on an adventure, there are plenty of fun activities you could take up while staying in this beautiful city that would keep you engaged and in the fall spirit. 

Here are the top activities we recommend taking part in while staying in Redwater:


Going fishing may not be the first activity that comes to people’s mind when thinking of what to do in Redwater. But believe it or not, Redwater is actually home to a couple of good bodies of water that you can go fishing in.

Whether it’s going to the Sturgeon River to catch some pike and burbot, or to the Redwater River to pick up some Northern Pikes and Walleye, it can be good to take a step back, grab your fishing gear, and be immersed in the beautiful fall atmosphere for a day or two.


What better way to stay in the fall spirit than to be walking around the city and witnessing up close and in person the beautiful transition into the new season.

Centennial Park is stunning at this time of year as the greens of summer make way to the fiery fall foliage. Enjoy wandering around Redwater’s numerous shops and neighbourhoods to get you in the fall spirit.


If sharpening up your golf skills or trying out a new sport sounds intriguing, then you should head on over to Redwater’s Community Golf Club.

This golf club is a marquee attraction in this city. It’s nine-hole course surrounded by beautiful greens make it a place you have to on the top of your to-do list.

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