How to have fun during Coronavirus lockdown

The coronavirus crisis is, of course, a serious matter, and we should all endeavour to act responsibly during these testing times. However, it’s not as if all fun has to cease entirely. There are plenty of ways you can have fun, even though public gatherings will be cancelled. And that includes when you’re travelling. If you and your family find yourself in a hotel room with nowhere to go, then try one of the activities outlined below.

Play games

If you’ve got an open evening to enjoy, then why not look at playing some card games? There are plenty of family-friendly games you could play, or you can pick up a deck of a game like Uno, and have some simple and childish fun. If you’re thinking ahead and driving to the hotel, then a board game can also provide many hours of fun.

Tell stories

Stories connect us to the past and lay a foundation for the future. How much do your kids really know about the life you used to lead, or the lives of your parents and other family members? When you’ve got nowhere to be, telling each other tales of days gone by can be fun for everyone in your clan.

Watch something

If you were at home, you’d spend time watching television or movies all together. So why not do it when you’re all in lockdown? Take a flick through, and you’ll surely find something that everyone wants to watch. 

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